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World Mercury Project blasts “liberal mindset” for whitewashing vaccine risks and praising vaccines like a brainwashed cult

The mainstream media has a very strange way of making much ado about nothing when it comes to pushing a “think of the children!” narrative whenever it involves taking away Americans’ freedoms. News outlets like The Huffington Post, Salon, The Daily Beast, and Slate are all quick to condemn guns for “killing children,” for example, while at the same time rabidly pushing childhood vaccines that truly harm and kill children every single day – and millions of them, at that.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. of the World Mercury Project recently published a lengthy report that highlights how many major news outlets remain completely silent whenever a study comes out that paints vaccines in a negative light. In many cases, these same news outlets actually mock independent scientists, parents, and others who express valid concerns about vaccine safety in light of conflicting science.

The federal government is complicit in facilitating vaccine fraud

It’s a problem that’s perpetuated by the vaccine industry’s ongoing collusion not only with the mainstream media but also with federal regulatory bodies like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), both of which routinely accept phony “science” as “evidence” that pretty much every vaccine put before them is always perfectly safe and effective – which in turn means that young children end up being forced to receive every single one of them in order to attend school.

It’s a racket that generates billions of dollars for the vaccine industry at the expense of children’s health, and yet it’s something that you’ll never hear the “bleeding heart” media ever mention. With the exception of a recent investigative report published by Slate that exposes Merck & Co. for having submitted “flawed” and “unreliable” pre-licensing safety studies in order to force through approval of its deadly Gardasil vaccine for human papillomavirus (HPV), true investigations into vaccine industry corruption are very few and far between.

“Ironically, liberals routinely lambaste Pharma, and its FDA enablers for putting profits over people,” writes Kennedy Jr. “Recent examples include Vioxx (100,000 injured – Merck paid more than $5 billion in fines and settlements), Abilify (Bristol Meyers Squibb paid $515 million for marketing the drug to nursing homes, knowing it can be fatal to seniors), Celebrex and Bextra (Pfizer paid $894 million for bribing public officials and false advertising about safety and effectiveness) and, of course, the opioid crisis, which in 2016 killed more Americans than the 20-year Vietnam War.”

Vaccines are where the money’s at for Big Pharma these days, which is why the mainstream media can’t say anything bad about them

While it’s great that some of the more “progressive” media outlets are open and honest about these Big Pharma crimes, they oddly never mention anything about the exact same crimes taking place with vaccines. The only seeming explanation is that vaccines are where Big Pharma is making most of its money these days, and the writing is already on the wall for the future of pharmaceuticals.

As Kennedy Jr. explains, vaccine manufacturers enjoy the perk of not having to test their vaccines against true placebos. They also get away with performing testing over the course of just a few days, rather than months or years, which allows Big Vaccine to fast-track its deadly vaccines to market while avoiding the discovery of serious adverse events.

“These lax testing requirements can save vaccine manufacturers tens of millions of dollars,” Kennedy Jr. writes. “That’s one of the reasons for the ‘gold rush’ that has multiplied vaccines from three, when I was a boy, to the 50 plus vaccines that children typically receive today.”

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